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Our Vision

While there may be other martial arts and fitness gyms in the area, Pantheon Combat Sports and Fitness differentiates itself through our focus on high-level training and creating a supportive community.

By providing diverse classes and a personalized approach, We aim to attract individuals seeking more than just the standard gym experience.

Meet our coaches

Chris wilson

Coach Wilson is a seasoned striking coach, renowned for his mastery of Dutch-style kickboxing, Western boxing, and Muay Thai, seamlessly tailored for application in the dynamic realm of MMA. Engaged in combat sports since 2009, his journey began as an amateur competitor and has since evolved into an exemplary coaching career


Having honed his skills within the trenches of training camps alongside fighters gracing the highest echelons of UFC, Bellator, Rise, and Brave, Coach Wilson's expertise has been forged through the crucible of top-tier competition. Beyond this, he has nurtured his own cadre of aspiring fighters to triumph in the amateur arena, solidifying his standing as both a formidable coach and mentor.


Coach Wilson's hallmark lies in his meticulous attention to the minutiae of technique and mechanics, be it in the art of striking, the intricacies of footwork, or the nuanced application of combat strategies. Rooted in a philosophy of purpose-driven movement, he emphasizes the elimination of extraneous motion, fostering a seamless interplay of intention and fluidity.


Fueled by an unwavering ardor for his craft, Coach Wilson possesses a reservoir of patience that fuels his mentorship. His leadership engenders a welcoming and encouraging community, where individuals from diverse backgrounds convene to train, absorb knowledge, and mutually evolve. United by a shared commitment to growth, Coach Wilson's legacy is one of passion, precision, and a steadfast belief in the transformative power of purposeful movement.

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